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2019 Webinars

Are You Ready for a Building Project?  Assessing Space Needs and Community Readiness.  With John Thompson from IFLS Library System.  RecordingSlides.

Plain Language for More Effective Communication with Beth Gaytan from Wisconsin Literacy.  Recording was only available only one week.  Videos used in recording:  Active VoicePower of Simple Words.

From Inbox to Completion:  The Secrets to Successful Workflow with Doug Crane.  Recording and Handouts on SCLS website.

Overcoming the Email Avalanche:  Three Steps to an Empty Inbox with Doug Crane.  Recording and Handouts on SCLS website.

Wisconsin Library Association Conference Recap with Jennifer Rickard, Kevin Harris, and Danielle Welch.  RecordingSexual Harassment HandoutLibrary Card Type HandoutWLA Archives.

Meet Lynda:  Introduction to the database with Nyama Reed.  Recording.

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference with various presenters.  14 webinars!  Recordings & SlidesOther information

2018 Webinars

Media Relations(hips) with Reb Schon Kilde.  Recording.

Know Before You Buy:  The DVD Edition with Paula Stanton.  RecordingSlides.

Trustee Training Week recordings of all five webinars are available here

Dealing with Substance-Abusing Patrons in the Library:  From Meth to Marijuana, Opiates to Alcohol (June 7) with Dr. Steve Albrecht.  RecordingSlides.

Preparing for Local Priority Holds (March 21) with Lori Roholt.  RecordingSlides

Effective and Efficient Design (March 20) with Rebecca Kilde.  Recording Slides.

Working with Library Boards:  A Practical Guide (March 8) with Benjamin Miller.  RecordingSlides.  

Working with Library Boards:  A Legal Guide (March 1) with Shannon Schultz.  RecordingSlides.  Questions.

YSS Powerhouse Presents:  Getting Out to Get Teens In (February 23) with Emily Sanders and Alicia Woodland.  Recording.

Social Media Strategies (February 6) with Rebecca Kilde and Cole Zrostlik.  Recording.  Slides

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference, 2018 Slides and Recordings are all available here.


2017 Webinars

All 5 webinars in the Collection Development series available here.

Promoting the Collection:  Merchandizing and More with Kathy Dempsey.  RecordingSlides.  

Data-Informed Collection Development with Shanneon Grant.  RecordingSlides.

Tips for Developing a Well-Rounded Collection for Youth with Shelly Collins Fuerbringer.  RecordingSlides.  

Trustee Training Week with various presenters, 5 webinars. Recordings.

Adult Selection Tools with Michael Nitz, Elizabeth Timmins, and Sarah Statz Cords.  Recording.

YSS Powerhouse Presents:  Serving Homeschoolers with Leah Langby, Sarah Cournoyer, Ashley Thiem-Menning, and Kathleen Larson.  Recording.  Slides.   Kathleen's Pinterest Board.  Sarah's Survey. Ashley's Nature Journal Syllabus

Searching and Creating ILL Requests with WISCAT with Maureen Welch Recording.

Managing ILL Requests in WISCAT with Maureen Welch Recording.

Making Your Collection Count with Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner Recording.

Civic Engagement through Library Programming with Amy Koester Recording.  Slides.  

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Recordings and Handouts.

2016 Webinars

Troubleshooting OverDrive with Maureen Welch.  Recording.  Slides.

Rethinking Adult Programs and Displays with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Slides.

Tools for Community Engagement and Planning with Cindy Fesemyer.  Slides.  Recording.

Sound Learning with Michele Cobb, Sharon Grover and Mary Burkey.  Recording.  Slides.  Recording.  Sound Learning Website

Trustee Training Week with various presenters.  Recordings, slides, and CE sheets.

Bridging the Physical/Virtual Divide:  Readers Advisory in the Digital Arena with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Blog post.

Demystifying Genre with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Blog post.

YSS Powerhouse Presents:  Transforming Collections with Katherine Elchert and Kelsey Johnson Kaiser.  Recording.

Readers Advisory for All with Becky Spratford.   Recording.  Blog Post.

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Recordings and Handouts.

If you are looking for archives of webinars from before 2016, they may be available.  Please contact Leah Langby.