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Who's on the Wisconsin Courier System?

How the IFLS Courier System Works 

IFLS courier room

  • IFLS contracts with a courier (WALTCO, Inc.) to provide courier service to our area libraries.
  • The WALTCO driver will drop off and pick up materials on your library's scheduled delivery days.
  • WALTCO does all the sorting of materials being routed to other IFLS area libraries.
  • IFLS is the pick up/drop off point for all materials going to/coming from outside the IFLS system via the South Central Delivery Service.
  • The IFLS office currently receives WALTCO drop off Monday through Friday early morning, therefore, we normally receive all items labelled for IFLS or with the pink out-of-system routing labels which were picked up the day before at the IFLS libraries. We unpack in the morning and send out-of-system materials with the 10 a.m. South Central pickup/delivery.
  • WALTCO picks up materials from the IFLS office Monday through Friday about 3:00 pm.

Material Needed for Sending Items via the Courier

  • Gray Bins – IFLS purchased a set of gray plastic crates to be used by WALTCO for delivery to IFLS member libraries. In the best of all worlds, if you send out 3 gray bins, you get 3 bins back from the courier. If you need more bins, please contact the IFLS ILL office for more, and please send any extra bins back with the driver.
  • Plastic Envelopes – IFLS has a set of plastic envelopes for use within the System. These can be used to route letters, memos, registration cards or other small paper items. If you have too many of these plastic envelopes, please return to IFLS.
  • ILL Flags - MORE libraries primarily use In Transit slips to for material going in courier, but IFLS has a set of flags/bookmarks which can be used for/by non-MORE libraries.  
  • Pink Routing Slips - These slips are used to route materials to out-of-system libraries via the South Central Delivery Service (any non-Indianhead Funding Agency/System Delivery Hub on the South Central courier list). Print copies on pink paper from the master found on  the South Central website at or contact the IFLS ILL office to receive a pre-printed supply of these slips.
  • Removable Scotch Tape - Use only removable Scotch tape when affixing routing labels to library materials, tape down both ends. Regular tape will damage materials.
  • Rubber Bands - Rubber bands are used primarily for AV materials with parts which can separate from packaging and for ILL materials being sent outside the system.
  • Bubble bags are used to protect primarily the breakable CD cases (many libraries purchase the unbreakable cases which only need a rubber band for protection).

Guidelines for Sending Items via Courier

  1. Check the South Central Delivery Network's list of libraries, which is alphabetized by library, to make sure that the library is on the courier system. Be especially careful when sending to any non-public library. For each library, a system delivery hub is listed. 
  2. Label with the appropriate routing slip. Use flags for any library with Indianhead as the system delivery hub on the courier list. Use pink routing slips for all other libraries.

    How to Label for Courier

    1. Materials sent via courier must be labeled with a flag, a pink routing label, or a WISCAT shipping label so that our courier drivers can effectively sort these materials to the right libraries. 
    2. For all libraries that have Indianhead listed as the system delivery hub you may use the courier flags. 
    3. Use the pink routing labels or WISCAT shipping labels for all libraries that do not have Indianhead as the system delivery hub.
      When labeling the pink slips –

      TO: System Hub (formerly called Funding Agency/FA)
      FOR: Library.
      If you need the pink slips, please contact the IFLS Interloan office for an additional supply or use MASTER.

      Use only removable tape when affixing routing labels to library materials. Tape down both ends. Regular tape will damage many of these materials. Place a rubber band around the items and routing label (or group of similar size items going to the same location) to prevent the book(s) from opening and ILL request slips from falling out. Make sure that rubber bands are large and loose enough that the library material isn’t damaged.

  3. Prepare bins/bags for courier pickup.

    All materials can be placed in bins with a label of WALTCO Sort.  If you have enough materials going to one particular library such as Eau Claire Public Library, you can address a whole bin to a particular library (flags would not be necessary if all the materials in the bin are going to that library).  Also, if you want materials to go to a library which is on the delivery route after you, you can prepare a separate container for that library (the drivers do not do any enroute sorting).

Reporting Problems with a Courier

If you have any problems with the courier such as a missed delivery or sorting mistakes, please contact the IFLS ILL office or do a help desk ticket. If it is an emergency and you need to contact WALTCO directly, the Chippewa terminal number is 715-726-8846 and the Green Bay office is at 920-884-7451.

If you are having any consistent delivery problems, please notify the IFLS ILL office.