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Guidelines for processing outgoing courier

Gray bins

Check that bin is clean and dry before putting materials in it.

If preparing pre-sort bins, put label in the side plastic address pocket. Use WALTCO SORT label if there isn't one behind the pocket for all non-presort bins. Please avoid putting address labels on the top of the bins.

General packing 

  •  Materials may shift during transport; try to pack to prevent damage when the bins are on the move.
  • Do NOT overfill bins. Bins are stacked which means materials can be crushed if bins are too full.Stacked bins
  • Place books in bins spines toward the center when possible. This prevents pages from being bent by other materials rubbing against them (encouraged but not required).
  • For presort bins, place heavier materials toward the bottom.
  • Libraries may not need to print in transit slips for presort bins (to save on paper; depends on library workflow).


Libraries are encouraged to pack presort bins as space & time allow.
If space allows, create a presort bin for any library that is receiving ½ bin or more of materials.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands should be used for any materials with multiple parts.
 Too many rubberbandsUse only one rubber band for media materials that will spill or books with serious binding issues. 

Examples:  Audiobooks on cassettes – cases easily pop open – rubber band.

Bundling of materials is NOT needed.

If your library has too many rubber bands, you can sent the extra to the IFLS office. We will redistribute to libraries requesting extra.

Bubble bags

  • Bubble bags are not required in presort bins.
  • No bags necessary for “unbreakable cases” .
  • One or two CDs per bag is okay (without ripping/stretching bag) if going to same library.
  • Tuck in transit slip inside bag with name showing for sort bins.
  • No rubber bands are needed unless CD is loose in bag.
  • No tape needed to close bubble bags.
  • No cardboard.

If your library has too many Bubble bags, you can sent the extra to the IFLS office. We will redistribute to libraries requesting extra.


Magazines in sort bins MUST be placed in an envelope.

Delivery workflow consulting available by IFLS staff.