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 What do you do with a bunch of kids who are hanging around in the library when you've got so much to do--like decorate your space for the summer library program?  Hmmmm....well, if you are Mariah in Somerset, this is a match made in heaven!  She put the kids to work:
 They created a fabulous dinosaur that is hanging over the computers:

And the library isn't actually in a cave...but it sure looks like it!  The other end of the building is above-ground, with hanging raindrops and rainbows, and then who can forget the worm wall?

All the kids who signed up for the summer program write their names on a worm and find it a happy home in this great habitat, which also includes a hedgehog that started life as a book and some other great details that are hard to see in the photo.  It looks like fun, doesn't it?